Is bamboo – what if theoretical science and practical experience met? Department of Architectural Construction and Building Materials – University of Ghent

Starting on Monday (04/04/2022), a delegation of civil engineering second year students, led by Professor Jean Bellis, will start building their project with a number of volunteers from Jeugdhuis Troelant’Is bamboo

At the Ter Beke site in Sinai, they are building a hotspot this summer from bamboo.

They are building a large, 12-meter-diameter dome out of bamboo, a renewable material with a small environmental footprint. The final design of the “Do Bamboo” project was selected from among 48 entries and tested for the bearing capacity of bamboo as a building material for large-scale construction.

Over the past few weeks, students have made several test pieces to test the connection of the bamboo structure to the concrete foundation. These tests revealed significant differences in strength depending on the selected adjuvants. The perfect preparation for next week!

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