Is Nintendo working on a successor to the Switch console?

According to various sources, Nintendo is working on a new version of the Nintendo Switch. These rumors arose after the Japanese company registered the name “New South Wales” as a trademark in Europe. So analysts are speculating that the next generation of the console could be called the Nintendo Switch W.

Older players nintendo Maybe dance on the Wii, or exercise your brain on the Nintendo DS or Mario brothers on Game Boy. However, it was not those units that ensured the greatest success within the company. This is what the Nintendo Switch does. It was broken early this year, five years after its release, and Register as the best selling console on Benelux

Nintendo has already released a few updates for the Switch over the past five years. For example, in 2019, Nintendo launched the Switch Lite, which is a lighter version that you can’t plug into your TV. In 2021, the company came next Nintendo Switch – OLED Model† This console has a bigger and better screen and more internal memory (64GB).

New South Wales

Now, some experts doubt that Nintendo will release another new model soon. Players Forum Users Reset I found out that the company is registered with the European Patent Office EUIPO Registered the name “New South Wales”. This acronym is often used to refer to the Nintendo Switch.

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The fact that this name is now also registered as a trademark may indicate that Nintendo plans to use it itself in the future. According to the site, that would Highest for a new model that will then be called the Nintendo Switch W. Other sources, such as Nintendo LiveThen he suspected that the company simply wanted to prevent this acronym from being used by another brand.

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