Is this a full game?

When Borderlands 2 came out in 2012, DLC was built around a specific character. And there were quite a few fans of that. In this case we are not talking about Clap-trap, but about Tiny Tina. A young lady with a turbulent imagination and a lot of humor. And now this lady is back and getting her own game: Tiny Tina Wonderland. Borderlands enthusiast Daan managed to play the game for a few hours. And in the preview he will tell JJ and all of you about it. Welcome to our Tiny Tina Wonderland preview.

Familiar format from the Borderlands series

You can always wake up Daan and a lot of the editorial staff as well for the new Borderlands. The comic book-like shooter has won our hearts with its full fiery gameplay and sometimes very successful black humor. Tiny Tina Wonderland might have a slightly different approach, read more fiction, and more setting than usual, but hopefully that doesn’t spoil the fun. Daan was given a day to actually play part of the game. So you know if you should set aside some money for it. Because at the end of March, this game will already be available in stores. And that’s close.

Video Reviews for Tiny Tina Wonderland

How did Daan experience this first gaming session? Is this much different from regular Borderlands? If so, in what? What did he like the most and what did he consider least successful? More importantly, did Tiny Tina Wonderland feel like a complete game? Or are we going to have to take an easy gamble in making money off a super popular franchise? Let’s hope that is so. You’ll get the answer in this preview of Tiny Tina Wonderland.

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