Putin and Erdogan call: Russia wants to negotiate, but then Ukraine should stop fighting

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine that it will only speak if all the Kremlin’s wishes are fulfilled and if Zelensky’s forces stop fighting. Putin did so in a phone call with Turkish President Erdogan.

The Kremlin has seen a lot of hesitation this weekend. French President Macron called this afternoon for about two hours, it was Turkish President Erdogan’s turn this morning. Putin called for the declaration of a cease-fire and the start of peace negotiations.

But Putin warned in the conversation that he wanted his own way. The Russian president said that Ukrainian negotiators should take a “more constructive attitude” during the negotiations and “take into account the facts on the ground.” According to Putin, his “special operation” in Ukraine went according to plan and timing. “It was also emphasized that the special operation could be suspended only if Kyiv immediately stopped all military operations and complied with known Russian requirements,” the Kremlin said in a statement after the phone call. “The Ukrainians also use negotiations to prolong them, so that the armed forces can regroup their forces.”

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