Is the dividing line between real and virtual blackout?

In The Future of Things, Living Tomorrow’s Lennart Creole and Joachim de Vos take you into the future. In this week’s episode, they reflect on the future of entertainment.

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  • Creel and de Vos discuss the future of television and film. Will streaming permanently displace linear viewership and will we still go to the movies?
  • The question arises what is the impact of artificial intelligence on entertainment. According to De Vos, the technology is already very advanced.
  • Will we all soon lock ourselves in Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse to escape reality? He compares de Vos to science fiction.
  • The world will become more hybrid, virtual images will appear in front of you in physical places. De Vos and Creël imagine possible applications for amusement parks and the arts.

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