“Is the UV lamp in the nail salon harmful to my health?”

UV rays from the sun (and tanning beds) are bad for our health, and we already know that, but what about the UV rays in the lamps used in the nail salon? Is it harmful? Can it burn your skin?

In the nail salon, LED or UV lights are used to cure gel, gel polish, or regular nail polish or to dry it faster. These lamps emit UV rays and we know that UV rays are carcinogenic. They are responsible for skin aging and skin cancer. But is repeatedly placing your hands under this lamp as harmful as lying in the sun or under a tanning bed?

the Skin Cancer Foundation duly in this. their conclusion? There is a risk but it is fortunately very small. “Even with the most powerful of devices, the risk of UV damage is minimal and much less than under a tanning bed,” she says. It seems. Of course, everything also depends on how powerful the lamp is and how often you do your manicure.

Want to get your nails done while still playing it safe? Then, you can apply SPF 50 sunscreen, about twenty minutes before you go to your appointment. There are even nail salons that offer protective gloves without fingertips, so your hands are protected during processing.

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