Israeli hostages released ‘in good health’, Palestinian hostages and prisoners released again today

On the first day of the truce between Israel and Hamas yesterday, Hamas released a total of 24 Israeli hostages. This concerns 11 foreigners and 13 Israelis. They are currently receiving care in three different hospitals, where they receive primary medical and psychological care.

According to the Israeli army, the hostages are in good health. This is what Schneider Children’s Hospital in Tel Aviv also says. Four children, three mothers and a grandmother are cared for there. Efrat Baron Harlev, director of the hospital, told the newspaper that “their physical condition is good.” Haaretz. They also receive psychological guidance. A special, isolated department was created to monitor the released hostages. “We ask each of us to respect our privacy.”

“There are not enough words to describe the feelings we are feeling now, along with the families and the entire country,” Baron Harlev said. “We will do everything we can to ensure their physical and emotional recovery. For us, this is a national mission. Our hearts go out to the other hostages and their families. We hope that they will return to us safe and sound as soon as possible.”

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