Do you like martial arts or Formula 1? These specific sports packages are available and this is what you pay for with this TV subscription technology

Mining communications companySome sports, although very popular, simply cannot be watched on cable. Just think about golf, tennis, basketball, martial arts, hockey, and Formula 1. And even if you have a paid sports subscription, that doesn’t mean you can watch everything. Which provider has a good selection of sports channels and what are the best prices? Gives an overview.

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Paid sports packages

Nowadays, anyone who has a regular TV subscription and watches TV via a set-top box can watch sports on different channels. Consider Eurosport, for example, where tennis, cycling, winter sports and many other sports can be watched. You can also regularly watch sports competitions on national channels at home and abroad, such as the Tour de France or the Flemish Spring Classics.

But anyone who is a fan of a particular sport and wants to watch all the matches will fall short. Think golf, some tennis tournaments, combat sports, hockey or Formula 1. To cater to these fanatics, different TV providers in our country offer paid sports shows that you can subscribe to as a customer. This way everyone gets their money’s worth.

Football fan? These are the cheapest TV subscriptions with which you can follow all the Jupiler Pro League matches.

What does this package include?

In Flanders, Telenet, Proximus and Orange offer sports packages that include specific sports channels. This allows you to watch more compared to the regular channels in your TV package. Telenet and Proximus charge extra for this sports package, while Orange offers ‘Eleven Sports Channels’ as part of existing subscriptions.

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There are some differences between the formulas offered by different providers. However, there are no separate subscriptions for specific sports. Whether you like Formula 1, hockey or just golf: you should get the full package.

Depending on your service provider, the configuration of your paid package may vary and you won’t have immediate access to everything. Anyone with a subscription to Play Sports (Telenet’s paid sports offering) or to Orange Football cannot watch matches from our highest football tier immediately. You have to pay extra for that.

How much does it cost and what will I get?

Love bouquet from orange It costs 75 euros per month. This includes calling, texting, internet and TV minutes with international sports broadcasts across channels Eleven 1, Eleven 2 and Eleven 3. Do you also want more Belgian football on your screen? If you pay an additional €10.99 per month, you can watch Eleven Pro League 1, Eleven Pro League 2 and Eleven Pro League 3 with “Orange Football”.

summary: Orange subscriptions are listed.

Bex Sports from Proximus It lets you watch football, basketball, cycling, tennis, motorsport, hockey, American football, boxing, snooker and volleyball across nineteen channels for €16.99 per month. Thanks to the introductory format currently running, you can watch for free for the first month. Also with carmine With this subscription you can watch Proximus Sports channels, Eleven channels and a number of additional sports channels such as Auto Moto and So you don’t have to pay extra for Pro League matches like with Orange. In addition, Proximus exclusively presents all UEFA Champions League matches.

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For Play Sports, the sports package from Telenet, you pay €29.95 per month or €9.95 per day. Only Telenet customers can request a daily pass. The Play Sports application contains thirteen channels through which you can enjoy different sports: football, motor sports, tennis, basketball, hockey, American football, golf, martial arts, and equestrian sports.

In one row: Orange subscriptions are listed.

Are you curious to know what communication formats are most interesting to you? The comparison tool below puts all prices side by side, including promotions currently running.

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