It appears the missing woman was stuck on a ski lift all night. No one heard her scream outside

A woman whose friends reported her missing during a ski trip in California turned out to have been stuck on a ski lift all night. She had been dangling several meters above the ground by herself for at least 15 hours. No one heard her screams.


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Monica Lasso stayed at a resort in South Lake Tahoe, California. When she went ice skating with her friends on Thursday, she fell behind.

She spoke to a ski area employee and told him she was tired. The man then took her to the ski lift that would take her back to the valley where she left.


It was about 5pm when I boarded the gondola. The elevator started, but suddenly stopped after two minutes. She later told local news station KCRA that she did not have her smartphone with her and that she tried to call for help, but the cable car operators did not hear her. “I screamed until I had no voice,” she said of her perilous experience.

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Meanwhile, at the foot of the mountain, her friends were worried because she didn’t show up. Finally, they called the police and announced her disappearance.

No trace of her was found. Until the ski lift was started again the next morning and Lasso automatically reached the foot of the mountain. In the end, it turned out that she had been stuck for 15 hours in near-freezing temperatures. She said she rubs her hands and feet together all the time to stay warm.

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to examine

The South Lake Tahoe Fire Department responded to the scene at 8:30 a.m., but the woman refused to go to the hospital for a medical examination. There will now be an investigation into what went wrong.

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