It is possible that the previous day will get a new name

Chances are it is controversial yesterday He gets a new name. Developer Fntastic has registered a new trademark for “Dayworld,” so it’s expected to be the new name for The Day Before. Ironically, this name can also lead to problems, as Dayworld is actually the name of an existing trilogy of dystopian books.

As a reminder, The Day Before was supposed to be released in March, but at the last minute the release was canceled because apparently Fntastic forgot to trademark the game. As a result, the person who had already trademarked the name filed a complaint, after which the game disappeared offline and it became unclear when the game could appear.

Finally, Fntastic announced that they had faith in a good outcome and so a new release date was announced: November 10th. It remains to be seen if that will be achieved now, because for the time being it remains rather quiet.

Name and version uncertainty isn’t the only thing The Day Before has to deal with. There is still a perception that the game did not turn out as well in real life as the “gameplay” would suggest. Scam or not? Time will tell.

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