Strange Incident: Strangers Stop 25 Trains in Poland with Radio Signals | outside

And in Poland, 25 passenger trains suddenly stopped on Tuesday. A spokesman for the Polish railway company said strangers had managed to slow the plane down with radio signals. The strange incident occurred in four regions around one o’clock in the afternoon.

The spokesman said there would be no danger to passengers and trains could continue their journey with a slight delay.

There have been several such attacks on the Polish railway network in recent days. The route to Eastern Europe is the main supply route for military aid from the West to Ukraine. It is not clear if the attacks were politically motivated.

On Sunday, police arrested two men in the eastern city of Bialystok. The detectives got their hands on the radios. The suspects, including a police officer, are said to have stopped five passenger trains and a freight train on Sunday morning. One of the stations is said to have included the Russian national anthem and another speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to cybersecurity expert Lukasz Olejnik, it is relatively easy to stop Polish trains because they still use unencrypted radio technology. The security flaw within the Polish railways is known, as a result of which there have been several attacks in recent years.

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