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The people of Suriname are burdened by the insanely high prices of products and services. Many citizens already see the bottom of their wallets in the first days of the month. Life has become unbearable, and it is sad to note that the words “unbearable” and “poverty” sound clich√©, as if they were the most common things in the world. But it is not far from that.

The financial and economic crisis, which has dominated people’s lives for at least two years, also has consequences for people’s daily diet. Healthy eating has become almost a utopia, because healthy eating costs money, a lot of money, and the average citizen no longer has that money today.

A recent survey on Dagblad Suriname showed that many people do not eat healthy food and do not eat snacks. 1,811 people responded to the survey. Of these, 455 people indicated that they did not eat healthy food or snacked (25%) and 450 people chose the “sometimes” option, also 25 percent. However, 906 people reported eating healthy meals and snacks, down 50 percent.

Eating healthy meals and snacks is important for everyone, but especially for people in Suriname. With the economic crisis the country is going through, it is more important than ever to eat healthy food. By eating healthy food, people can not only enhance their health, but also improve their chances for a better future.

Although most people are aware of the benefits of eating a healthy diet, many people still struggle with eating healthy. The prices of healthy foods can sometimes be very high, forcing people to choose cheaper and unhealthier options. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to find healthy foods in local stores.

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It is important that people have the means to buy healthy food. This can be achieved by promoting rural agricultural programmes, which give people access to affordable and healthy food. Subsidies can also be given to local farmers to reduce the costs of healthy food.

It is also important that people have the opportunity to learn how to prepare healthy meals. Workshops can be organized by local organizations to teach people how to prepare healthy meals using readily available ingredients.

Although crisis brings with it necessary challenges, it is important to have space for healthy eating. By creating the right resources, people can obtain healthy meals and snacks, helping them stay healthy and create a brighter future.


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