GeenStijl: #GS20 – 2014 – Final Result #GEENPEIL: Five-seater D66

The final result! (click big pekka) GeenPeil metrics Know that the distribution of seats in the European elections is as follows, with some parties in brackets with a small reservation of one seat + or – – D66: 5 – CDA: 4 (or 3) – PVV: 3 (or 4) – PvdA: 3 – VVD: 3 – SP: 3 (or 2) – CU/SGP: 2 – GL: 2 – PvdD: 1 – 50+0 (or 1) Vote distribution per municipality? certainly. Check out our HOLY FUK what a fat this click card is (lol @ Urk & Rucphen). Then the numbers. Oh, the wonderful numbers. Of the 2,245 registered vote counters, 1,378 went to a polling station to count the votes. This put our turnout at 61.4% – nearly twice the turnout for the European elections and ten times (!) the turnout for De Hond. 91 entries were unusable for various reasons. And that leaves: 1,287 polling stations, a staggering total 664,316 votes Calculated and included in our calculation forms. With a voter turnout of 35%, this means that GeenPeil has identified roughly 15% (or 1/6 part) of all eligible voters who went to the polls. This is the number for which the term “unprecedented number” was invented, and which copyists like De Hond don’t like to eat. Want to enjoy #GeenPeil live for another 3.5 hours? Herrier look back. After the break, the pattern-free coverage map of the Netherlands. In terms of reach, even KPN can take it a step further.

omfgditiszoawesome. jpg Click to get the maximum extent. Holland = no country in style.

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