It won’t happen: Has ‘Black Mirror’ lost its magic?

According to fans, “Black Mirror” is no longer what it used to be…

despite of Black mirror The series is still hugely successful, and many viewers believe that the series has become less good since it appeared on Netflix. Creator Charlie Brooker has now responded to this comment.
Black mirror The series premiered on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom in 2011, with the series airing its second season in 2014. However, in 2016, Netflix acquired the series and produced four more seasons, as well as the interactive film. Bandersnatch.

Less depressing

Speaking at the SXSW International Convention Center event in Sydney after the release Black mirror In Season 6 earlier this year, Brooker addressed viewer feedback. Many of them believe that Netflix is ​​responsible for the fact that the episodes of the series have become less dark and feature more Hollywood stars.

Brooker denied this and revealed that when he began producing episodes for international audiences, he was keen to make the series a bit less bleak: “One criticism we sometimes get is: ‘I liked the show better when it was British and all the characters were miserable and everything kind of smelled bad and all the stories were terrible.’.


“Then he goes on Netflix and suddenly everything is sunny and happy and everyone has nice teeth, and the series is full of Hollywood stars and he takes that advantage away.”. According to Brooker, Netflix had nothing to do with the change: “Maybe the happiest [aflevering] “The book I ever wrote was San Junipero and I did it alone.”.

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“I was aware that we were now going to be on a global platform, so we had to make these stories a little more global. And I wanted to change it up a little bit so that I wouldn’t keep doing dark things.”.


If it had been up to Brooker, the alternation between sad and more cheerful episodes in recent seasons would have continued. Looking at Black mirror on Netflix.

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