Working with a friend ensures better performance, according to science

The office may be one Workplace She, but when I was Your colleagues You often see friends and family, hoping to get along well with them. Not only is it good for the atmosphere in the office, but research now shows it Collaborate with a friend Guaranteed Better performance.

Satisfaction and participation

Some people prefer to keep their colleagues at a distance, while others prefer to have… Favorite work to have. Although the latter can of course bring difficulties, it can also have many advantages. A study conducted by Gallup, a research and consulting company, has repeatedly shown a link between having a best friend at work and the amount of effort employees put into their work. It appears that 63% of women who have a good friend at work feel… Feel twice as involved With her work.

This engagement is what employees currently value most. We spend more time at work with our colleagues than with our friends. A pleasant work environment can ensure that a person does not feel the need to move between jobs. Of course, we also find that a good salary is important, but we also place great importance on a great work culture.

Better performance

Not only do we feel more satisfied in the workplace when we work with a good friend, but it also… Positive impact on our work performance. This applies to both women and men. The survey was conducted among Americans, and two in ten said they had a close friend at work. Gallup looked at all the data it collected and found that it is better for a company if six out of ten employees have a good friend in the workplace. According to the research agency, this will reduce the number of workplace accidents by 36 percent, increase customer interaction by 7 percent, and increase profits by 12 percent!

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This relates to the fact that it is important for employees to feel connected to their colleagues. This leads to more motivation and positive actions. Actions they would not consider if they did not agree with a particular colleague.

Source: Gallup | Image: bold type

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