Italy begins searching for new president without official candidates

Italy’s parliament convenes today, with the current president’s term ending in 10 days. It says a special procedure StrinksEven though a lot of names are in circulation, they have to succeed in getting the vast majority behind them.

Strinks explains that it often takes different moods to create clarity. “A two-thirds majority in the first three ballots is required. It is not easy. From the fourth ballot, a simple majority is sufficient. First agreements and alliances can be signed later.” It is clear that every vote counts from the fact that there is even voting for affected MPs.

Glue connecting left and right

Mario Tracy Considered one of the favorites. He is the current prime minister of a government with a large majority. Draghi is the glue that connects the left and right. “He is also a reassuring factor in Europe. He can reassure the financial markets. Above all, Italy has an even tougher path: there is an epidemic, a recovering economy, …” Tracy is the most reassuring factor in an unstable country. “

Draghi is the most stabilizing factor in an unstable country

Is it a good idea to nominate him for the presidency? “It is good that the government is in power for seven more years.” On the other hand, there is a growing perception that taking Draghi from the national level is dangerous, Strynckx emphasizes.

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