It’s Family Time, Decor, & Book: That’s Melania Trump’s agenda now because she’s no longer first lady abroad

“It was an honor to be your first lady.” With these words, Melania Trump invited people before they left for their sanctuary in Florida with her husband. She did not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration, so she addressed her supporters one last time. But what is on Mrs. Trump’s agenda now that she no longer has to assume her role in the White House?

With her striking Slovenian accent, she spoke to Trump fans for the last time on the day of the inauguration. I promised to pray for them and think about them a lot. “Thank you for your love and support,” it looked. All right and fine, but how will Melania Trump fill her days now that she finishes the first lady?

As first lady, Melania has not explicitly sought to highlight her nor does she intend to do so now. So she is still in her husband’s shadow and now wants to focus mainly on her mission as a mom. Raising son Barron Trump (14) is a priority at the moment. By the way – now that the family no longer lives in Washington – they are starting a new school in Florida.

In addition to being a wife and mother, Melania is also a daughter. During the Trump presidency, her parents lived near the White House. Even now that the family has moved to Palm Beach, mom and dad come Knafez.

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The old projects continue

As First Lady, Melania devoted herself to renovating the White House. For example, the rose garden has been redesigned and many rooms have been painted with a touch of pale white and pink paint. Now she’ll be mainly interested in the house in Palm Beach, but also happy to furnish the Donald Trump Presidential Library. Although Mrs. Trump will first have to speak truthfully to her excess daughter Ivanka, because she, too, will have similar plans for the library.

Her interest in interior design and glamor is evident in Melania’s plans to write a coffee table book. Not autobiographical like Michelle Obama. It provides an overview of the plastic surgery I gave to the White House. Melania also wants to continue her Be Best campaign, which targets children who are victims of cyberbullying. Although this has already been mocked more than once, because husband Donald himself is not alienated by a sharp statement on social media.

The least popular first lady

Melania Trump has always been seen as a mysterious figure, but since the CNN poll, she is now called the least popular first lady ever.. Not a title to be proud of, although Donald Trump himself believes Melania is very popular among the American people. Drop that during the same farewell speech on the day of the inauguration.

The former first lady got 42%, Michelle Obama left the White House 69% and Laura Bush 67%. Melania still got 57 percent of the vote in 2018, but it’s clear that the past few years haven’t made her more popular. She did better than her husband. Stranded by 33 per cent.

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