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Under the slogan “Comics are serious business!” Vriends wants to bring the diverse and distinctive profession of comic making to the attention of as wide an audience as possible, and inspire organizations to collaborate with comic creators.

“Making comics is a wonderful profession, and it’s sometimes a very labor-intensive craft,” the nation’s third comic creator told The Nation. “It’s a beautiful profession that should be appreciated more. Many people have no idea what’s involved in producing a simple one-page comic.” For this reason, he wants to introduce the largest possible audience to the distinctive and valuable profession of comic making. “In other words: create, develop, compose, frame, decorate, draw, act out, clean up, storyboard, ink, digitize, color, write, design and publish storyboards.” The Friends will do this by giving inspirational lectures from January. More about his presentation It can be found here.

Jan Vriends is revealed as the nation’s new comic book creator during Breda Comic Book Festival Saturday 23 September. There he symbolically took over the pen from his predecessor, Hermann Rosen. He will also follow Herman Rosen for at least three consecutive years Comic Maker’s Day To arrange. This event is open to the public. The first is scheduled for October 2024.

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