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Koume’s five-year-old dog received an official letter of appreciation from the local fire department at a private ceremony last month. The dog received this recognition thanks to her heroic performance at a Japanese riding school that saved the life of a 50-year-old man.

On February 25, a riding instructor at a riding school in Chiba City, Japan, suddenly heard Kumi barking incessantly. The dog raised the alarm after a 50-year-old man suddenly collapsed.

“Kum is usually calm and only barks in rare circumstances,” said Yuna Maru, a 23-year-old riding instructor who tried to help the man. “But if an emergency arises, Kom will bark.”

Thanks to the dog’s alarm, the man was quickly assisted. He is currently active again with the club and taking part in games.

The local fire service said: “Kom’s action to seek help and the actions of the staff was an exemplary response.”

Other heroic deeds

Maruo reports that Koume had previously drawn attention in situations where a horse attempted to escape by jumping over a fence, and when another old horse struggled to stand on its own.

Koume grew up in the care of another dog who, according to Maru, taught her how to call for help in an emergency.

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