Windows 11 gets a defining moment from Microsoft

Windows has released a new beta, with features that may soon find their way to your devices.

Microsoft has released a new Insider Build for Windows 11 with 22621.1776. It contains a lot of functions that may soon be available for devices that work with the operating system.


Microsoft previously announced that it will regularly make smaller updates with new features in Windows 11 during official major upgrades, now known as Windows Moments. And this may be another such moment.

If you have a Release Preview on your PC, you can find these new features in Settings under “Windows Update”.

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The first new feature is Content-Adaptive Brightness Control. This means that Windows automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness and contrast as you transition between dark and light images.

There will also be multiple options for a virtual touch keyboard. When you detach the Surface Keyboard from your Surface Pro tablet, a popup immediately appears with this virtual keyboard. In the settings you have the option to make this visible permanently, only when the physical keyboard is removed, or never show it.

In terms of security, you now have the option to copy a code for two-step verification, which comes via SMS, when your phone is connected to your computer. This is done via the phone link to the Microsoft app.

Some devices have sensors to perform certain functions automatically. Dim your screen when you’re not on your computer, to save battery power, for example. You can now adjust these settings yourself.

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These are just a few of the many new functions and tweaks to existing features. You can find the full list on file Blog from Windows itself.

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