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During today’s Summer Game Fest showcase, a second antagonist was revealed in Larian Studios’ highly anticipated RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3.

After the recent disappearance of the Duke of Ravengard, the city of Baldur’s Gate has turned to Lord Enver Gortash, the rookie designer of the Steel Watchers – magical warriors designed to defend the city. As the new protector of Baldur’s Gate, Gurtash stands as one of the most powerful figures within its walls.

Lord Enver Jurtach is played by award-winning actor Jason Isaacs, best known for his roles as Lucius Malfoy in the 2003 Harry Potter and Captain Hook series Peter Pan.

Arriving in the titular city of Baldur’s Gate, players find themselves in the middle of a dangerous power struggle, as many factions and powers vie for political control of this complex city organism. Isaacs’ acting helps add an extra layer of depth to the characters players will encounter in Baldur’s Gate – a place where it’s already hard to tell friend from foe – as the main antagonist in battle as you venture through the morally gray alleys and port areas of the game’s sprawling city.

Isaacs brought decades of experience playing a villain to the shooting booth, adjusting lines between takes and adding extra depth and flavor to Gortash’s character.

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