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Jean-Marie Pfaff has had some quite dark months. The former goalkeeper has seen his wife Carmen struggle with her health, but now he can finally celebrate again. After all, the former Bayern Munich player, among others, is seventy years old, which is a good time to make a strong statement.

The magic number is 70

Next Monday, Pfaff will celebrate the magic number “70” and Het Laatste Nieuws is not letting it go unnoticed. The Belgian football president received a number of framed newspaper pages from journalist Jan Dewingert.

It all happened at the pop-up museum about the former Beveren goalkeeper. The event has already received high-profile visitors in recent months, including Prime Minister De Croo and Prince Laurent.

“I am very grateful to them”

In an interview with HLN Pfaff also spoke about the turbulent months he had been through. “It was and still is difficult (with Carmen). The children and grandchildren help us all, as do my friends. I am very grateful to them for that,” he said gratefully.

Unique documentary

When it comes to his own accomplishments, Pfaff continues to look back with admiration on his illustrious career. “I can say one thing: I did it, I achieved it all. I am happy that I made so many people happy and that I can still go everywhere or be asked to go everywhere. In February I will even go to Mexico for a documentary.” Pfaff concluded his speech with a wonderful announcement.

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