Jeremy Corbyn, Labor suspension should be lifted in response to the Antisemitism Inquiry | political news

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn will be sent to the party following complaints of anti-Semitism, Sky News understands.

Islington MP Suspended three weeks ago For an answer Blast investigation By the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

It found that Labor was responsible for “illegal harassment and discrimination.”

Mr Corbyn responded by saying that the “size of the problem” was “dramatically exaggerated for political reasons.”

But within hours, he was pending trial – a decision that his successor, Sir Khair Stormer, had nothing to do with but supported.

On Tuesday, a meeting of five committee members of Labor’s National Executive decided to reinstate Mr Corbyn.

The decision angered the Jewish labor movement, which said it was “extraordinary.”

A spokesman said Mr Corbyn’s case appeared to have been “accelerated” by the party and that the group set up to govern his future had been “aligned” in his favor.

“We need to remind Labor again that Jeremy Corbyn is not a victim of Labor hostility – Jewish members,” they added.

A group of Labor MPs has already warned Sir Keer that they could resign if Mr. Corbyn represents Labor in parliament again.

They were outraged and said the decision to lift his suspension would undermine work with the Jewish community to rebuild the bridges.

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