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“We don’t know if the corona virus cases have been reduced enough to end the second lockout on December 2,” said Matt Hankok.

The health secretary said, “We hope that the national lock can be replaced with a layered system as it was before.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Susan Hopkins of the Public Health UK said the lowest tier had “little effect” and that the government should consider strengthening measures to “get us in the winter months until everyone gets vaccinated”.

Mr Hancock celebrated the “great advances in medical science” of countries fighting coronavirus infection in the form of vaccines, but acknowledged that the UK had received only five million doses of moderna. The UK has already received 40 million doses of the vaccine from Pfizer / Bioendech, which uses the same technology as Moderna and should be in the UK before Christmas.


The government says the corona virus layer structure may be different when returning after being locked up

The government is considering its corona virus alert tiring system for the UK, which could be changed when it returns after being locked, a cabinet minister has said.

Robert Genrick said the government wants to see “greater stability” in the locked post-corona virus layer system and will examine whether previous layers are effective.

A revised system, if needed, would be decided “within the next week or so,” he said, giving people time to plan for December.

Policy Correspondent John Stone Contains more details:

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 10:45


Army of volunteers to administer the Govt vaccine

Volunteers can be trained to administer the corona virus vaccine, which helps millions of people to be vaccinated against the virus.

Plans leaked Daily Mail It is hoped that thousands of people will sign up to administer the vaccine, which will provide the government with mass immunization targets.

St. John Ambulance confirmed to the PA on Monday evening that it is one of the training organizations for registrants.

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 10:35


More than 68,000 deaths related to Govt-19 have been reported in the UK

More than 68,000 deaths related to Govt-19 have now occurred in the UK.

That includes 59,549 deaths in the UK and Wales as of November 6 (and recorded as of November 14), which were confirmed by the ONS today.

Since these figures were compiled, a further 2,228 deaths are known to have occurred in the UK, 106 in Scotland, 143 in Wales and 90 in Northern Ireland, according to additional information published on the government’s Corona virus dashboard.

In all, there have been 68,113 deaths related to Govt-19 in the UK so far.

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 10:24


Maximum weekly corona virus deaths from mid-May in UK and Wales, ONS figures show

Weekly corona virus deaths in the UK and Wales have been reported since mid-May, new figures show.

A total of 1,937 people have died from Govt-19 in the week to November 6, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

This is up from 1,379 deaths in the week to October 30 – an increase of 40 percent.

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 09:59


The government expects to ‘significantly ease’ corona virus activity in December

Social Secretary Robert Genrich said the government expects there to be a “significant easing” of corona virus activity in December.

Appear Times Radio, Mr Genrik was asked if the government could be forced to ban indoor gatherings for Christmas if the Govt-19 cases are still high.

He said: “We don’t know yet. The hard yard we made in November is designed to be very casual in December for most people in the UK so we can go to the shops, use hospitality and, as much as possible, we can be together as a family at Christmas.

“We can see from the data that the combined approach in October and early November has had an impact, especially in some parts of the country.

“It’s too early to tell the real impact of the new national measures, which are two or three weeks late, but we will be in a position to make that decision by the end of November.”

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 09:39


The professor says vaccine advances are ‘exciting’

Sir John Bell, a professor of medicine at Oxford University and a member of the government’s vaccination task force, said vaccine advances were “exciting” and that positive news was likely to come from other vaccine candidates, including Oxford / Astrogeneneka.

He told BBC Radio 4’s company Today Program: “Until Pfizer data came out last week it was not certain that you could actually get vaccinated against this virus.

“On the back of those results, it was very powerful and I expect positive results from Modernna because the stage is very similar.

“Furthermore, although some other vaccines, including the Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine, are not certain to be successful in the coming weeks, I suspect it is more likely.

“So, I think this is great news because we can wait so long for an effective vaccine like there are in many diseases, so I think that’s why it’s so exciting.

“This is a chapter. We’re in the second chapter now – we need to get it to the people; it needs to be distributed globally; we’re getting enough of it – no one is doing this vaccine size. These are big challenges.”

He added: “We can get vaccines very effectively in the UK and most Western countries.

“So I think the idea that we are going to vaccinate a very large percentage of the population in the spring is entirely possible.

“I think it’s going to make a big difference because people will be vaccinated because the spread will fall to a low level, we may not be completely normal, but things are going to look dramatic. It’s different in the spring.”

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 09:23


Hancock says the UK has received a 5 million dose of the Moderna Govt vaccine

Matt Hancock has announced that the UK has received five million doses of the modern corona virus vaccine, which could provide the highest level of protection against Govt-19 within hours of its release.

At a Downing Street press conference, Mr Hancock said the initial results for the vaccine were “great news”.

Kate Devlin, Whitehall Editor, reports at last night’s press conference:

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 09:03


The government wants ‘more stability’ in the latter locking layer system

The government wants to see “greater stability” in the locked post-corona virus layer system, Robert Genrick said.

Asked the BBC breakfast If a difficult system changes the previously sorted arrangements, the Community Secretary said: “We will see if the measures we had in the old layers are effective.

“Remember, they were slightly different in different parts of the country because there was a basic activity in Tier 3, which the chief medical officer and others always said were just the beginning, and then we asked the locals to consider the areas. They would be willing to go further than that, some did,” Some decided not to.

“So I think we want more consistency in the new layers, so we need to look at the evidence of which of those activities actually had the most impact on the virus so we can take a more resource-based approach.

“We haven’t come to an end yet, to be honest, but we’ll be back within the next week.”

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 08:42


Mouthwash can kill Kovit-19 within 30 seconds, the study says

After laboratory tests found that the corona virus could be killed within 30 seconds, mouthwash became an important part of people’s daily routine.

Preliminary results from a study by Cardiff University that have not been reviewed showed “promising signs” of mouthwashes containing at least 0.07% cetirizine chloride (CBC), which is resistant to the virus.

Sierra Giordano The story is:

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 08:27


The first Atlantic flight with a compulsive Covit lands at London Heathrow

An Atlantic plane that tested negative for the corona virus crashes in London, Travel Reporter Simon Calder Reports.

United Airlines Flight 14 landed at Heathrow at 6.41am from Newark Airport in New York. This is the first in a series of a dozen Atlantic flights in November and December, for which crews and all passengers aged two and over are required to undergo a free Govt test before boarding.

Samuel Osborne17 November 2020 08:22

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