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On Friday, the floor fashion release US. Vogue made history by featuring British pop singer (and former One Direction Heartthrope) Harry Styles As its first male cover star.

The card immediately sparked emotional conversations surrounding things like masculinity and gender: Styles paired with a black tuxedo jacket and a large periwinkle blue gown (both designed by Gucci).

The film was perceived as representative of a growing study of gender-fluidity and non-binary clothing Many thousands and General-Z shoppers have been targeted by Vogue. However, major conservatives – from Candice Owens to Ben Shapiro – have rejected the dress code. Owens wrote Friday evening on his Twitter page: “Bring back the luxurious men.”

Vogue Magazine

.Ar Harry Styles Our December Magazine Cover Star!

Read how the star builds and plays according to its own rules: https://t.co/tQPLi5OEtj pic.twitter.com/AxZgxE68Rx

November 13, 2020

“There is no community that can live without strong men,” said Owens, a right-wing media powerhouse. “It simply came to our notice then. In the West, while Marxism is taught to our children, the constant feminism of our men is not a coincidence. This is an obvious attack. ” [sic]

Conservative scholar Ben Shapiro seemed to agree with Owens’ attacks. He shared his tweet and added: “Whoever pretends that this is not a referendum on masculinity, wearing fancy clothes treats you like a complete nonsense.”

Ben Shapiro
(ens penshabiro)

Left: “Hey, look how important and magical Harry Styles is wearing a dress! He’s immature!”
Right: “Yes, men who wear clothes reduce impotence, which is bad.”
Left: “How to wear menswear?”

November 16, 2020

These ideas fit in with how competitive and divisive debates around gender expression in the United States have changed, even as the most popular musician, such as Styles, who identifies as gender, is making progressive progress.

This is not the first time Styles has played with fashion in bold ways. The singer wore a black dress from the Japanese brand Comus des Carrons Guardian weekend And preserved the humorous aesthetics of his visual work. “I don’t spray on sexual ambiguity to be interesting,” he said. “I want things to be a certain way. It’s not because it makes me gay, or it makes me look straight, or it makes me look bisexual, but I think it’s cool.”

There were fellow Hollywood stars Let’s come quickly to the safety of styles. Olivia Wilde, who is currently directing the Styles-led film, responded to Owens’ tweets: “You’re pathetic.” And The Good Place actress Jameela Jameel tweeted in defense of Styles: “Manly you want what you want.”

Meanwhile, others argued that Styles should not be the cover Enough To increase acceptance for non-binary exposure and identities. “The Vogue card of Harry Styles may be historically significant, but it is not serious,” the Daily Beast declared in a headline. It’s hard to imagine what a model from a marginalized background would say – if she was a white, ciss man dressed in a Vogue species – say, a trance female color (Vogue is not yet featured on its cover) – face.

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