The sage member warns that the rise of epidemics is now ‘worse than the first wave’

S.Ingapur has confirmed the first case of a new corona virus variant found in the United Kingdom, the city-government said, adding that 11 people who have already been isolated have given initial positive results for the new strain.

All cases imported from Europe were placed in special facilities during the 14-day isolation or isolated upon arrival, with their close contacts already isolated.

“There is currently no evidence that the P117 strain is circulating in the community,” Singapore’s health ministry said late Wednesday, citing a new, more contagious UK strain.

Singapore has been conducting viral genetic sequencing for recently confirmed Covit-19 cases from Europe.

Nov. 17 to Dec.

Patient with new variant dec. Period.

The Ministry of Health said it was able to ring the case to prevent further spread.

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