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In a recent broadcast of the Tiki Tiki programme, well-known Turkish journalist and commentator Fatih Tayli responded strongly to the statements of Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician known for his controversial stances on immigration and multiculturalism. here We are the pictures.

Al-Taili, known for his sharp analyzes and bold comments, condemned Wilders' statements with unprecedented ferocity.

Altaili said: “Let him mind his own business, please, he is just a racist scoundrel,” strongly criticizing Wilders’ speech and describing it as unacceptable.

Fatih Tayli's latest response came in response to a tweet from Wilders on X, in which Wilders responded to the recent results of the local elections in Turkey.

Wilders said in his tweet: “Goodbye @RTErdogan @Akparti. Turkey wants secularism and freedom. #Turkey_elections #Turkey.”

Fatih Taili raises criticism with inappropriate gestures

During the local elections held on March 31 in Turkey, journalist Fatih Tayli's broadcast on his YouTube channel sparked controversy.

In a special program titled “Teke Tek Seçim Özel” (Special One-on-One Interview about the Elections), Altayli and his colleague Özlem Gurses shared the election results.

However, after Altayli named the CHP-led cities, he became the subject of criticism on social media for an inappropriate gesture with his hand in front of the camera.

This action by Al-Taili sparked a wave of reactions and discussions on social media. Many condemned his behavior and stressed that such behavior was unacceptable, especially for a journalist.

Who is Fatih Taili?

Fatih Tayli is a prominent Turkish journalist, columnist and author. He is known for his political comments and analyzes in the Turkish media.

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Tayli held several important positions in the Turkish press, including editor-in-chief of Sabah newspaper and director of Habertürk News Agency.

He also wrote many books, mostly on political and historical topics. Altayli is an influential figure in Turkish media and is often cited for his analyzes and opinions on domestic and international affairs.


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