Judge ruled before shooting in Rotterdam: Fouad L. must Leaving his rented home | outside

Fouad L., the man who shot three people dead in Rotterdam on Thursday, has not paid rent for a few months. He was about to be evicted by the Housing Association, the organization that builds and rents social housing. A month before the deadly tragedy occurred, a judge ruled that the lease could be terminated.

The ruling issued by the Rotterdam Court shows that Fouad L. He had a debt of €3,097.74. These payment arrears were sufficient reason for the judge to terminate the Rotterdam resident’s lease. L was given two weeks to vacate his house and return the keys.

Because he was not present at the trial, it is not clear when exactly he was told when to leave his home. This must be done by means of a judicial report, and only from that moment does the 14-day period begin. The sentence was handed down on August 30, so it makes sense that he received the bad news a few weeks before the shooting. It is not clear whether that news played a role in the shooting.

Half naked in the backyard

Woonbron Housing Association, the organization to which L. rented his home, does not wish to answer media questions for privacy reasons. So it is not clear whether the owner is concerned about Fouad L. Discussions with local residents and earlier prosecution documents showed that he had caused a great deal of inconvenience. Over the past five years, neighbors would sometimes see him standing half-naked in the backyard, screaming or laughing loudly. His ground floor apartment was filthy, with animal feces spread all over the living room.

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Officers wrote in August 2021 that the home was in an “unlivable condition,” and they visited him at that time after reports from neighbors that he was abusing animals. They filmed how he tortured one of his rabbits in the backyard, then threw him on the floor. tree. “, kicked it and threw a stone in its direction. The animal was so badly injured that the vet had to put it to sleep. L. was convicted of animal cruelty.

The person who raised the alarm about the animals’ suffering was his neighbor Marlos. She and her 14-year-old daughter were shot and killed Thursday. It is also said that Fouad L. He set his house on fire and went to Erasmus MC. There, a medical student shot and killed teacher Jurgen Damen in a classroom.

The row of rental houses on Hyman Doulart Square where Fouad L. He set fire to his house and then shot his neighbor and his daughter. © National Ports Agency

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