The British people are in turmoil: the world-famous tree, part of the British “collective spirit”, has been cut down

The most photographed tree in the UK is no longer standing. The sycamore tree that became famous thanks to the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), was most likely killed with a chainsaw on the night of Wednesday through Thursday. British police arrested a sixteen-year-old boy on Thursday BBC broadcaster reports. Meanwhile, a bloodthirsty online mob hopes the alleged perpetrator will meet the same fate as the centuries-old man. Acer is a liar (common maple).

The Sycamore Gap is located in Northumberland National Park in the north of the United Kingdom, near the eastern part of Hadrian’s Wall, which was built between 122 and 128 AD. Its location at a significant retreat in the landscape and its regularly matted hair make it a popular object for photographers and painters. In 2016, the famous deciduous tree was voted English ‘Tree of the Year’.

British police are investigating who is responsible for the felled tree. Photo by Owen Humphreys/Via AP

Britons are falling over each other to react to the news with horror, anger and sadness. “I cannot express how angry I am,” Mayor Jimmy Driscoll wrote. On social media. “People’s ashes were scattered near the tree. People asked each other to get married here. I had a picnic here with my wife and children. The tree was part of our collective spirit.”

Thousands of pedestrians

Local brewery Writes on X to be “deeply disappointed” in the act. The tree attracts thousands of walkers every year, making it a major tourist attraction in the area.

Based on the footage, there is absolutely no doubt that it was a deliberate act and therefore not a natural turn of events. The photographs show that the tree trunk has been sawn across its entire diameter near the ground. The tree has now undergone a digital name change. The Sycamore Gap Tree is now the Sycamore Stump, a nod to the pitiful remains of the once-proud tree. Also, the tree’s Wikipedia biography is written entirely in the past tense.

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Developments in the north of the UK bring back memories of that other world-famous tree: the Acacia Tenere of the Niger Desert. It was the only tree in the area Fascilia tortilis For centuries as a landmark for travelers. In 1973, he met his end in a strange way. A drunk driver managed to hit the tree. The dead torso has since been displayed in the National Museum of Niger.

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