Jurassic World: Dominion reveals a new dinosaur and gives the origin of the T-Rex, a James Bond thriller

Filming for Jurassic World: Dominion was completed last year. But it will be some time before the movie hits theaters. In some cinemas, you can actually watch a five-minute preview. Today there is a new picture and more.

Director Colin Trevorrow discussed the new film in this context. He revealed that the next movie will be a “scientific thriller” Become.

James Bond Esk
“I’m sure it’s no secret that we’ve filmed in the UK and British Columbia. We’ve also filmed in Malta. These are basically our locations. While there’s also another big location that I don’t want to reveal yet,” Trevorrow said.

“But you have to imagine it has any environment, every environment, physical environment that you can think of. It’s really a global adventure, with something from Bourne and Bond, and something from a spy movie. A spy movie, but also a science thriller with dinosaurs.”

new dinosaur
In the context of the “science thriller” aspect, the movie also features a new dinosaur, Oviraptor. It has springs, the first in the franchise. “We have our first feathered dinosaur, Oviraptor. My feeling is that this is going to be a bit of a headline for people who care about the accuracy of paleontology,” The director said.

“There’s another one you see in the picture, it’s called Moros intrepidus. It appeared in your feed a couple of years ago. This folks found a little dinosaur that looked like a T-Rex. And we were able to quickly transfer that discovery to the white cloth.”

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Origin story
The film also tells the origin story of the T-Rex. “I also wanted to tell a visual story of how dinosaurs were made of DNA found in fossilized amber.”

That’s why the movie also begins with a scene in which the T-Rex fights against a Gigantosaurus. “We now know that the dinosaur we love, the T-Rex, was brutally murdered by a Gigantosaurus. And that’s part of the story we tell.”

In cinemas from 10 June 2022.

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