These films are participating in the competitions of the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2022

51st edition of Rotterdam International Film Festival just started. This is an exciting time for many filmmakers, so what will the audience and the press think of their (last) movie?

At the same time, this is also an exciting moment for the filmmakers who are participating in one of the competitions in IFFR. They are not only judged by professional juries, but at the same time they also have a chance to win a famous award.

tiger competition
tiger contest for IFFR It gives a budding cinematic talent a stage. All selected titles compete to win one of three prizes.

The first is the Tiger Prize of £40,000 and the other two are Special Jury Prizes of £10,000 each. This year’s tiger jury consists of Zsuzsi BankutiAnd Gust van den BergheAnd Thekla RiotnAnd Tatiana Letin a Farid Tabarki.

The selection of the Tiger Competition 2022 consists of the following films:
1. Acrom, Maria Ignatenko, 2022, Rossland.
2. Messenger of the Clouds, Rahat Mahajan, 2022, India.
3. The baby girl, Marguerite de Hellerin/Felix Duteloy Ligua, 2022, Portugal.
4. EAMI, Paz Encina, 2022, Paraguay / Germany / Argentina / Netherlands / France / United States.
5. Excess Will Save Us, Morgan Dziorla Petit, 2022, Zweiden.
6. Kafka Children, Roy Rosen, 2022, Israel.
7. Malintzin 17, Mara Polgovsky / Eugenio Polgovsky, 2022, Mexico.
8. Peskin, Sam de Jong, 2022, The Netherlands.
9. Plains, David Estelle, 2022, Australich.
10. The Ghost Project, Roberto Dufres, 2022, Chile.
11. Dream and Radio, Renaud Després-Larose / Ana Tapia Rousiouk, 2022, Canada.
12. Silver Bird and Rainbow Fish, Lee Lee, 2022, USA / Netherlands.
13. To Love Again, Gao Linyang, 2022, China.
14. Yamabuki, Yamasaki Juichiro, 2022, Japan / Frankrijk.

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Big Screen Contest
Another competition taking place on IFFR It is a big screen quiz. This competition presents a broad view of cinema and bridges the gap between popular, classic and blockbuster films.

He. She IFFR A general jury is asked to select a VPRO Big Screen Award winner from the selected films. The winning film will be televised by VPRO and NPO, and will also guarantee a cinematic release.

The Big Screen Competition 2022 selection consists of the following films:
1. Assault, Adilkhan Yerzhanov, 2022, Kazachstan / Rusland.
2. Broadway, Christos Masalas, 2022, Greece / France / Romania.
3. CE2, Jacques Doillon, 2021, France.
4. Daryn’s Gym, Brett Michael Innes, 2021, Zuid-Afrika
5. Drifting Petals, Clara Law, 2021, Australia.
6. Al Jazeera, Anka Damian, 2021, Rumenich.
7. Kung Fu Zohra, Mabrouk El Mechri, 2021, Frankrijk.
8. Me and My Space, Adrián Silvestre, 2021, Spanje.
9. The Magnificent Solitude, Ursula Antoniac, 2022, The Netherlands.

Amodo Tiger Short Competition
He. She IFFR There is also a competition for short films. This competition is called the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition.

The jury made up of Voss RiverAnd Tim Lindekerin a I’m online Choose three winners from the selected short films. All three winners will receive an equivalent Ammodo Tiger Short prize worth 5,000 each.

The selection of the Tiger Competition 2022 consists of the following films:
1. Responding to the Sun, Rainer Kohlberger, 2022, Austria/Germany.
2. Becoming Male in the Middle Ages, Pedro Neves Marques, 2022, Portugal.
3. Hymns from the Bible, Cesar Jananian / Cassiana monastery Harutyunian, 2021, Brasilic.
4. Constant, Sasha Litvintseva / Beny Wagner, 2022, Germany / United Kingdom.
5. Dawn, Leonor Groom, 2021, Portugal.
6. Glass Life, Sara Cwynar, 2021, United States.
7. Isn’t This a Beautiful World, Joseph Wilson, 2021, UK.
8. Making Crime Scenes, Hsu Chi Yu, 2022, Frankrick / Taiwan.
9. Nazarbazi, Maryam Tafkari, 2022, Iran / UK.
10. The Name of Things, Diego Escobar, 2022, Chile.
11. Nosferasta: First Bite, Bayley Sweitzer/Adam Khalil, 2021, Verenigde Staten.
12. Multiple Head in D, Michael Robinson, 2021, United States.
13. Sky Hole, John Rafman, 2021, United States.
14. Songs to Live, Corkrit Arunondchai / Alex Jvojic, 2022, Viringdi Staten / Thailand.
15. Tomorrow Water Palace, Juanita Unzaga, 2022, Belgium.
16. Urban Solutions, Arne Hector / Luciana Mazeto / Vinicius Lopes / Minze Tummescheit, 2022, Germany / Brazil.

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