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TeamSport Karting and model building specialist Wetronic open branches in The Wall. The “entertainment and leisure center” along the A2 motorway near Utrecht is now 90 per cent leased.

British entertainment company TeamSport Karting has opened its first branch in the Netherlands at the entertainment center The Wall, along the A2 motorway in Utrecht Leidse Rhein. Recently, TeamSport Karting has already entered mainland Europe through a branch in Germany. E-Kartingbahn is located in Mönchengladbach on a race track of 500 metres.
Model building specialist Wetronic has also opened a large branch in The Wall. This institution focuses on enthusiasts from all over Europe who can meet there to talk about their hobby and exchange experiences, but also compete on one of the three tracks – racetrack, truck track and off-road track. Model. In addition, there will be a “makers’ space” where visitors can work on vehicle models, pitch their problems to experts, and follow courses. A catering concept will also be added to the site.
In the new site concept, Wetronic also operates a shop where volume models, but especially parts, are sold online. The globally successful web store is also run from here. The Wetronic branch will be located on the first floor of The Wall and will open in mid-November.
TeamSport Karting and Wetronic will be in the previously unused portion of The Wall that has been vacant since its completion. This part has an area of ​​14,000 square meters on two layers. In order to increase the accessibility of this portion of the parking deck above it, the owners Urban Interest and Built tot Build realized a new climbing point—with escalators, elevator, and fixed stairs—from which to access these floors in one go from both the parking deck and the parking area. Parking. From ground level. Dolf Mook, Urban Interest spokesperson: “We have strategically placed this new lift point, so we can achieve multiple locations for different potential tenants on both floors.”
The two largest units available in this new part of The Wall have been allowed access to TeamSport Karting and Wetronic and two units of approximately 2,200 square meters each remain in this part of the building. MOQ: This will fill approximately 90 percent of the total 62,000 square meters LFA available. We expect to have 100% by the end of 2022. Discussions have also taken place with all tenants already in place in the last period and contracts have been renewed. In 2018, when we acquired the building with Build to Build, the occupancy rate was only 30 percent.
Mook is excited about the new tenants: ‘We are very excited about the arrival of these two very special new concerts to our country. The Netherlands wasn’t initially on TeamSport Karting’s expansion list. But we were able to convince this company to branch and implement The Wall in line with the ambitions of further continental expansion for TeamSport Karting. In the UK, TeamSport Karting operates around 40 e-karting tracks in over 30 cities.
Electronic karting, i.e. with electric motor, is a new generation of traditional karting and popular with gasoline karting mostly. Mok: “In terms of look and feel, it’s a ‘next level’ kart track, with a hip look and accessible to a wider target group than just ‘hardcore’ racing cars.” E-karts instantly have a lot of power from a standstill, but they Safer, because the power can be reduced centrally and remotely, but can also be increased if necessary.Electronic karts are ideal for young people and families with smaller children due to their centrally controlled power.We expect this TeamSport Karting site to become a popular place for birthday parties and picnics Especially since Max Verstappen’s successes in Formula 1 made karting more popular than it already was.
The E-kart track at The Wall will be 500 meters long on the ground floor. TeamSport Karting also operates an additional mini golf course, as well as catering facilities. Mook is not confirming anything about the number of meters TeamSport Karting is renting at The Wall and for how long. “We hope to open the branch by the end of this year at the latest.”
When new leases were entered into with TeamSport Karting and Wetronic, the retail complex’s construction acted as an intermediary on behalf of the owners Urban Interest and Built tot Build. Hemwood Advocaten Teamsport advised on the lease.
The Wall Shopping and Entertainment Center along the A2 motorway is over 800 meters long and is one of the tallest buildings in the Netherlands. In addition to rent optimization, the owners have taken care to ensure a better appearance and the sustainability of the entire project, with the goal of making The Wall “the right place in the middle of the Netherlands where retail, entertainment and dining meet”. Since this spring, The Wall has an A2 length LED display of at least 650 meters along the entire length of the building. The Wall’s outside companies and advertisers appear here in a way that is eye-catching to an audience of millions.

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