Women show more sustainable leadership in space missions simulation

The researcher conducted various types of analyzes – a computer analysis of sentiment, a qualitative study of the content of reports and a calculation of word frequency – and discovered certain differences in the communication of female and male leaders.

First, the women reported significantly higher scores on positive emotions and significantly lower scores on negative emotions.

Second, although both female and male leaders demonstrated task-oriented leadership behavior, female leaders were more likely to discuss with their team members. Additionally, in such discussions, male leaders emphasized team spirit, loyalty, and accomplishments, while women emphasized mutual support, motivation, and a positive environment.

Third, analyzes found that women leaders tend to use less specific words when talking about their daily activities.

“While the traditional view is that male leaders are task-oriented and women are more social leaders, my research has shown that male and female leaders focus equally on completing tasks. The only difference between them was that women were more likely to join a team with positive messages. and supportive.”

According to the researcher, her findings are consistent with the theory that women are more social leaders and community-oriented than men. It also reflects the findings of previous research that male and female leaders rarely show differences in task-oriented behaviour.

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