KCB: British exporters call e-CertNL

Quality Control Office (KCB) Receives indications that there are two cut flower exporters to the UK who have not yet subscribed to e-CertNL. Arrival e-CertNL Working with this system will be necessary from April 1 for export to the UK.

E-CertNL is the electronic system used in the Netherlands that regulates the application and issuance of export certificates. Exporters can also request phytosanitary checks via E-CertNL. The connection to e-CertNL takes a few weeks to complete. This requires eHerkenning and registering with RVO And KCB. “Anyone who doesn’t arrange this in the short term will actually miss the boat to the UK from April 1,” says Susan Maas, Communications Adviser at KCB.

Third countries

Exporters can only apply via e-CertNL to obtain the export certificates required as of April 1, 2021 to clear flowers at customs. A person without customs formalities cannot transport products to the United Kingdom. Only goods that a customs document has been digitally notified of in advance via Portbase can enter and leave the ferry or short-sea terminal.

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“We have experienced so far that the majority of the Dutch utensils exporters have prepared well for a new way of working with the UK, and that with some start-up issues here, they are quickly switching to the new situation. This is definitely the case for companies that have experience in doing business with third countries. .

The transition is greater for companies exporting to the UK that have not previously done business with a “third country”. In addition to administrative and logistical changes, they are also required to incorporate KCB as a new player in their logistics process. “We also expect to be able to assist companies that have registered with KCB on their way from April 1. This requires some extra time in the beginning. KCB takes this into account when planning its first inspection visits.”

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Help Desk

In recent weeks, the KCB has received a lot of questions about working with e-CertNL. KCB expects this to be the case again at the start of April. That’s why we also use extra capacity at the KCB e-CertNL help desk. For businesses that don’t have access to e-CertNL, it’s really important to take action now. Being able to work with e-CertNL is essential in order to be able to regulate exports to the UK, ”Maas says.

As of April 1, exporters must have the phytosanitary checks on your flowers. Applications are also submitted via e-CertNL. KCB carries out inspections. KCB and Naktuinbouw are checking potted plants and trees, respectively. As of January 1, does KCB have sufficient capacity to inspect cut flowers as well as potted plants?

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