Kevin Spacey comes to the UK on his own to prove his innocence in the sexual assault case

During Belgium

Spacey also says in his statement that he is confident he can prove his innocence in the case. Last week, he was charged with four counts of sexually assaulting three men, one of which included “inducing penetration without consent.” Before the case begins, the representative must inform the United Kingdom. The British authorities had announced earlier that they would request his extradition if the representative did not come on his own.

Multiple issues

The British judiciary did not say who brought the charges. It is known that these incidents occurred between March 2005 and April 2013 in the district of London where the Old Vic Theatre is located. Spacey was the technical director there at the time of the accidents.

If he presents himself for trial, he may be allowed to return to the United States with the judge’s permission. This is on the condition that he returns to the UK if the judge so requests.

The actor, known for films like The Usual Suspects, L.A. Confidential, and Se7en, was also accused of sexually opposite behavior in 2017. Several of these cases have been dropped, but the investigation of the actor continues. The allegations were that he lost his role in the Netflix series House of Cards.

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