Avoid losing CPU performance with ThrottleStop

Techpowerup reports availability ThrottleStop version 9.5† ThrottleStop should provide a number of options that can be used to bypass CPU throttling, as well as a dashboard that shows you the current status of each thread on the processor.

As you know, some laptops use clock mods and multipliers to reduce performance and power consumption of your system. This is done on purpose to make your computer run cooler or to power your laptop with a power adapter that is not enough to power your laptop fully and charge the battery at the same time.

Disclaimer: When using ThrottleStop, it is highly recommended to check the power consumption of the wall with a Kill-a-Watt meter (or similar device) and ensure that the power capabilities of the transformer are not exceeded. Use of the software is at your own risk and, in the worst case, may result in permanent damage to the power adapter, computer, or both, which may not be covered by the warranty.

What’s new in version 9.5?

  • Added support for Alder Lake desktop and mobile.
  • Performance is improved when using Windows Defender Real-time Protection.
  • The Disable and Lock Turbo Power Limits box has been replaced by the MMIO Lock box.
  • Added ability to synchronize MSR and MMIO power limits.
  • Enhanced compatibility of SpeedStep and Speed ​​Shift with Windows.
  • Updated FIVR and TPL window themes and added support for larger logos up to 240 x 138.
  • Turbo limits and Turbo kits are integrated into the FIVR display.
  • The added ability of K-series CPUs to overclock at 800MHz to improve stability.
  • The chance of a BSOD loop decreases if the voltage is too low.
  • Added automatic activation of PowerCut when resuming from sleep mode.
  • Disabled driver after profile change to improve security.
  • Core 2 Duo’s dual auto IDA mode is disabled.


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