KLM halted long-haul flights due to mandatory coronavirus testing

KLM doesn’t want to leave cabin crew and pilots behind. Due to business hours, airline employees often stay a day or more at a hotel in the country where the flight is made for long-haul flights, depending on the flight. The life of the rapid test may be 4 hours maximum upon ascent, So the national government reports.

A company spokesperson said, “As a good employer, we don’t leave the crew outside behind.” In addition, one of the crew members would also not be able to operate, so KLM would be practically understaffed.

European flights

It would also be impossible for trips to certain European destinations. This relates to late flights where employees have to spend the night in a hotel. It is not yet known which European destinations are excluded from the schedule. But it is about trips that do not return to the Netherlands in the evening. “

The measures also have a major impact on trade. For example, flowers are transported by KLM cargo aircraft.

The UK will not fly anymore at all from January 23. The Council of Ministers imposes a no-fly zone on that country, South Africa and all of South America.

Deported home

Passengers who are still abroad and at risk of tripping up to Friday can be refunded. Dutch citizens who subsequently have to travel to the Netherlands due to an emergency and cannot submit a negative test in time can inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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