WandaVision, James May in the Drag Race

With so many different streaming services, the view is overwhelming. In our weekly broadcast tips, we recommend new movies, albums, and more in addition to series. In our movie Tips from Week 3 (2021): WandaVision and Klassen.

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Film Advice Week 3 (2021): WandaVision and Klassen

Immediately Chromecast In your TV or Chromecast Audio In the speaker, you can view and listen to media from your smart phone in better quality. This is helpful, but then you need to know what to watch and listen to. This is why we offer Android PlanetMovie tips. We provide some listening advice and current series here, for both free and paid services.

1. WandaVision (Disney Plus)

It’s time for a new phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Film protagonists get their own TV series, which are essential to the movie path. It starts with Scarlett Witch and Vision on WandaVision. The duo seems to have stuck in previous sitcoms. The robot and the witch do their best to appear as natural as possible in a stylish neighborhood, but of course there’s more. You can watch a new episode every week.

2. Season of disappointment 3 (Netflix)

The return between Elvo and Lucy! In this series, from the creators of The Simpsons, you follow a grievous, brewed princess as she tries to discover her place in the world. This is not easy, because meanwhile the villains from all sides are trying to invade the kingdom. In Season Three, both Bean’s mother and the church leaders are making life difficult.

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3. James May: Oh Cook! (Prime Video)

James May, from Top Gear fame, can’t cook. He still gets his cooking show. Luckily, he has a fridge full of wine and a chef is waiting at that pantry to call for help. This is the strangest cooking show ever, but it also makes it super funny.

Amazon Prime Video

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Fourth degree (NPO)

In this impressive classroom program, eighth graders are followed up before they receive their final high school advice. Advice that can define their whole lives. Some children have to cope with low expectations, for example due to language delay or an unpleasant home situation. Others have to deal with extremely high expectations.

5. RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 and Drag Race UK Season 2 (WOW Presents Plus)

As a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you don’t have to be bored. The battle to find the best drag queen is already in its thirteenth season in the US, full of strange twists and turns. The second season of Drag Race UK has also begun. You can watch both on the WOW Presents Plus app for € 4 / month. The latest episodes are available immediately. Includes Chromecast support!

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