KNVB wants curfews to start in an hour: “Sport and exercise are essential for health and resistance” | Amateur football

ZEIST (ANP) – KNVB hopes curfew will begin an hour later than currently planned. According to the Football Association, it is not possible for many people to continue exercising if they have to go home by 8:30 pm. The KNVB is inviting party leaders Klas Dejkov (VVD), Lillian Marijnisen (Socialist Party), Jesse Clapper (GroenLinks) and Lillian Blumen (PvdA) to debate in favor of this during debate in the House of Representatives on Thursday.

“Of course, we cannot estimate whether the curfew is necessary,” the agency said. “We know 100% that sport and exercise are essential for health and resistance. Outdoor sports are responsible too. Amateur athletes and volunteers have to work or go to school during the day. Only then can they work on their health. With a curfew that starts at 8:30 am) In the evening, these options are now more limited. So (also) it has harmful health consequences for a large group of people. It shouldn’t take long. “

Evening professional soccer

The National Football Association (KNVB) also announced that it has yet to decide whether professional football matches will take place in the evening in the coming weeks. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports stated that it is up to the employer to determine if an evening out is absolutely necessary. These are the all-around clubs or leagues in the case of the major tournaments.

A KNVB spokesperson said, “We want to wait for the debate in the House of Representatives on Thursday before we say anything about it.” Initially, the discussion was planned for Wednesday, but at the request of D66 and ChristenUnie it was postponed by one day. They want to prepare well.

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Many matches in the Eredivisie and the Kitchen Champion Division are still underway on Friday and Saturday after 8:30 pm, which is when the curfew begins. There’s also a midweek program next week.

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