Klöpping Foundation demands billions from Apple and Google

Alexander Klopping wants to create a new App Store Claims Foundation under the name BIG TECH. One fair play Billion dollar claim File a lawsuit against Google and Apple. Tech giants will collect a lot of commission from selling apps.

Klöpping has calculated how many Dutch consumers have paid Google and Apple since the app stores existed. That would amount to 1 billion euros.

“We will now recover the excess funds through collective action,” the foundation wrote. “Together we will ensure that Apple and Google play the game fairly from now on.” Victims can register for free.

Apple and Google charge a commission of 15 to 30 percent, depending on the developer’s annual revenue. Prices have already been revised after mounting criticism.

The ACM recently ruled that Apple may not decline the iDEAL payment method in the case of dating apps. However, developers are not exempt from Apple’s commission, although it is slightly lower at 27 percent.

The foundation will invite both Google and Apple to discuss their “behaviour” and find a solution for all victims, so that legal action can be avoided.

However, it remains to be seen if he will reach that. After all, users agreed to the terms of the app stores just as the developers agreed.

The institution is assisted by Hausfeld Advocaten, who specializes in class action and competition law. Hausfeld conducts similar cases in the UK on behalf of users of the app. Actions in the UK and the Netherlands are supported by economic research by AlixPartners.

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Klopping, co-founder of newsstand Blende, is the foundation’s president. Attorney Jan-Coen Sloig and Martin Kameijer, Professor of Finance, Tax and Consulting, respected. Secretary and Treasurer.

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