Korean invention brings cheap green hydrogen within reach

It is still expensive to produce green hydrogen using electrolysis. This is partly because rare metals such as platinum are required for this process. Platinum is a rare precious metal that is more expensive than gold. Korean scientists now say they have found an alternative to this precious metal. This can reduce green hydrogen production costs by 20 percent.

alternative to platinum

Scientists replaced platinum with a piece of cloth that they first carbonized at temperatures of 900 degrees. This in itself is an achievement because carbonation usually occurs at temperatures of only 2,000 degrees. Carbonation turns the material into a new type of material that conducts electricity very well. Then they dip the burning substance in a bath with a solution of nickel. By activating this, the nickel solution binds to the cloth, creating a new type of material.

Green hydrogen mass production

The discovery made at the end of August published
In the Scientific Journal of Energy and Environmental Sciences of the Royal Society of Chemistry, it is significant because it shows that green hydrogen can also be made without the use of rare metals such as platinum. In addition, less effort was required to produce hydrogen. The invention is one step closer to the cheap mass production of green hydrogen.

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