Kremlin critic Navalny is eating again, but his health remains in danger

Alexei Navalny in court, February of this year.AP image

Navalny expects it will take at least 24 days to end the hunger strike, he says via Instagram. The 44-year-old thanked the people who had supported him in the last period. They are also the partial reason for his resignation.

In solidarity with me, many people have started a hunger strike, including representatives of the “Beslan Mothers”. Tears streamed from my eyes as I read it. Lord, I don’t even know these people, but they come here for me, ”Navalny wrote on social media.“ My heart is full of love and gratitude for you, but I don’t want anyone to suffer physical suffering because of me. ”

Navalny’s team warned late last week that the Kremlin critic could die at any time. Doctors urged him to stop working for fear that he would not survive. A critic of the Russian regime has refused to eat since March 31 to protest his treatment in a concentration camp, where he was detained for violating the duty to report. Sentenced in 2014 as part of a 3.5-year suspended prison sentence in a fraud case.

There is no doubt in Russia that this condemnation was issued by the Kremlin. Opposition leader Alexei Navalny is considered one of the most prominent critics of Vladimir Putin in Russia. He escaped death from a neurotoxic attack last year and was treated for several months in Germany.


Navalny said on his Instagram page, who voluntarily returned to Russia in January and was immediately arrested, that he was in severe pain in his leg and back, but that he still did not get a doctor of his choice from the prison authorities. It is said that he was rejected by the prison authorities.

According to his supporters, Navalny did so because his care was sub-par. On Wednesday, demonstrations took place in several Russian cities in order to provide adequate care for Navalny. Activists also demanded his release. The United States stated that it would have “consequences” if Navalny died in custody.

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