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Saturday 9 October 14 o’clock calls the Norwegian Energy Agency to celebrate World Mental Health Day, on the ground floor of the Kristiansand Public Library. This is done in collaboration with Lpp, Blue Cross, A-alarm, Mental Health, Kilden Dial and SSHF. During the celebration, textbooks and music will be distributed, based on this year’s important theme.

The purpose of the celebration is to emphasize how important people are to each other, and how important community and belonging are to good mental health. It’s important to take care of each other and help prevent feelings of loneliness and alienation.

Vice Mayor Eric Rostoft opened the event and there will be visits from singer Stein Roger Sordahl and film author Christian Landmark.

You can find the event on Facebook she has.

Substantive service in the cathedral

On the occasion of the World Day, the church and the congregation offer many activities and performances that complement each other. During a subject service in the cathedral on Sunday October 10 at 11 a.m., Deacon Selge Weik Westerfgel and Nina Tangaard Loméland, Direct Life Skills and Relative Communications in Congregants, will talk about life’s challenges, hopes, and concerns.

To experience that life presents challenges is in many ways a natural part of being human. At the same time, it can be a lot at times. Then it is important to convey hope and that there are solutions, even when life is at its darkest. It is important to have someone to walk with, a professional support staff or fellow caring people in a good way. Because there are many ways to improve.

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It is important to celebrate this day because mental health affects the lives of so many people, and the Church wants to tell the truth about life and man, says Selge Week Westerville.

One of the city’s greatest musicians, Stein Roger Sordahl, will use musical elements. It has been openly interviewed that life can present great challenges. Also in attendance are Vice-Chancellor Fred-Henry Berg, organist Elsebeth Lytcherat and diakonia committee member Ellen Selene.

– It’s great for devotees, church, musicians and others to celebrate this day together. We have a common goal to reach people who are challenged to master everyday life. Together we try to reach more people, whether there are offers or hopes,” says Nina Tangaard Loméland.

Left to Right: Eileen Selene, Selge Week Westerfgill, Fred Henry Berg and Nina Tangaard Lomland. Photo: Christian Mosvold

RPH and Drop-in Life Mastering Survival

Rapid Mental Health Care (RPH) is a free and accessible service for residents of Kristiansand municipality who suffer from mild to moderate anxiety and depression, as well as stress and sleep problems. The offer is based on cognitive therapy and self-help directed at learning new strategies to face challenges in life. The goal of Rapid Mental Health Care is to provide knowledge about mental health so that as many people as possible learn ways to help themselves when life is difficult. You can read more about RPH here.

Mastering the Fast Life is an offer accessible to all city dwellers. There, people who themselves are challenged in mastering everyday life can go for conversation and counseling. In addition, they give loved ones an overview of the people who live close to someone who is facing challenges. The goal is to find good solutions together for the challenges people face. You can read more about mastering life without pre-booking here.

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Together, the Reception Center will celebrate World Master of Life Day and World RPH Day on Monday, October 11th at 10-14 at Lillemarkens. Here they will report on their performance and why it is important to celebrate World Mental Health Day. They can also help to find the best possible measures to achieve different goals and get a good overview of other local offerings.

Left to right: Jens T.Jensenius, Hellen Ruthjersen, Veronika Omdal Endal, Silje Gauslaa, and Elisabeth Mosvold.

Important topic for everyone

Secondary schools in Kristiansand municipality have a related program in the form of a separate world day week the following week after the fall break. Here there are elements of both dance, music, pageant and kahoot that appeal to this year’s theme and its bearer. In this context, the School Health Service will offer various lectures that the school can use in the classroom to focus on the importance of mental health. All digital channels used by the school and the School Health Service will also be tagged.

For the municipality of Kristiansand, it was important to celebrate World Mental Health Day among the residents and internally in the pavilions.

We have many colleagues who work every day of the year in different areas of mental health. It is a large field with many tasks. Olaf Haugen, Unit Leader for Mastering Life in Youth, said we are very pleased to have one day a year that we dedicate a little extra money to promoting mental health as a theme.

Media contact

Nina Tanggaard Lomeland, Life Skills and Relatives Communication Coordinator, Email and Phone 481 38468

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