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In these turbulent times, many people experience – consciously or unconsciously – stress, tension and fear. Because of uncertainty about your health, job, or money. It is now important to support your immune system.

“What can you do on your own?”

This is perhaps the most important question today. We believe that sustainably promoting your health is what you can achieve on your own. Filled with positive thoughts, we’ve gathered our heads together to set a healthy tone. Together we make Haarlemmermeer healthier!

We are Rain, Jennifer, Julia and Eileen. We want to inspire and motivate you to strengthen your flexibility from within. That is why on March 21 we will start online with the FREE “Boost Your Immune System” challenge.

We’ll be sharing tips, tricks and valuable information for a week. This way we work together on the body’s ability to self-heal.

Do you accept this challenge? Then subscribe now to the FB group “Together Healthy Haarlemmermeer” and strengthen your self-healing capacity in an accessible way!

who are we?

Rin Sarink is a dynamic coach. “In my opinion, vitality consists of three pillars: exercise, relaxation, and nutrition. How you breathe greatly determines how you feel. Both physically and mentally. I help people move again, so that they feel less discomfort in everyday life. Nutrition speaks. About herself: you are what you eat. “

Jennifer Boylard is a neuromuscular trigger point therapist: “In my practice I help clients with (chronic) pain complaints. Clients often do not realize that trigger points in their muscles and connective tissue can be the cause of very different complaints. Usually one or two sessions are sufficient. For a more relaxing move! ”

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Julia Verger is a registered dietitian, yoga teacher, and lifestyle coach. I help people adjust their way of life. By eating better, making healthy and relaxing choices. So they get a calmer head, have more energy and self-confidence. A gentle holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Eline de Jong is a kinesthetic scientist: practically I guide and help people through the science of kinesiology. By examining the muscles, your body signals what is needed, until you gain insight into where or what is out of balance. For physical, emotional and / or mental complaints. The ultimate goal is to return someone to balance with new energy.

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