Lady Louise Windsor inherits valuable possessions from Prince Phil …

Mrs. Louise Windsor, the eldest son of Edward of Wessex and his wife Sophie Rhys-Jones, inherits some of the property of her late great-grandfather, Prince Philip. It relates to a cart and two ponies.

Like the late Prince Philip, his 17-year-old granddaughter Louise Windsor loves to ride horses. Thus, the legacy of the teenage girl, with whom he has a strong family relationship, is completely dominated by equestrian sport. Prince Philip left her with his dark green four-wheeled cart. She also has two colts, Balmoral Nevis and Nutlaw Storm.

Mrs. Louise Windsor

The aluminum and steel cart was the newest in the 99-year-old Prince’s collection. He consecrated himself at the age of 91 and led them around Windsor and other royal estates.

The cart was shown on Saturday during Prince Philip’s funeral. On the carriage seat he put a duke’s hat, whip, and brown gloves. Nearby was a red bowl of sugar cubes that he gave to his ponies while they were riding.

Mrs. Louise Windsor inherits Prince Philip's prized possessions
The prince’s carriage and two large ponies, of a local breed in the Lac region.
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