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Will it be a great week, or will you be better watched? Astronomer Esther van Heerebeek-Spijkers asked us what is written in the stars for your planet.

Ram 21-3 tons / M 21-4

You’re cute and active this week and Mars is by your side. Thankfully, don’t overdo it and you also take a break when you need it and which is great. You love calling, texting, or meeting someone. This makes the week fun and provides a nice distraction.

Taurus 22-4 tons / m 21-5

Lots of things are happening this week, Taurus. Whether at work or at home, this can make it a little hectic and messy. Fortunately, these did not appear to be an unpleasant development. As long as you can be positive about it and trust it, you can expect a great week.

Gemini 5-22 to 21-6

I’m still positively joining Mars, Gemini this week. You are spontaneous, enthusiastic, and full of plans and ideas. This makes you completely happy and yet it is important that you dose your energy. Not everything is necessary now. Smearing your plans is a better option. Then you enjoy it a lot more.

Cancer 6-22 to 7-23

You’re having a great time this week, especially with colleagues and friends, Cancer. Especially conversations and light meetings are good for you now. If it gets difficult or dangerous, you will believe everything. Prefer to avoid this. Know that it’s just procrastination. There comes a time you still have to do it.

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Leo 24-7 to 23-8

If things just aren’t going well between you and your love, you just can’t ignore them this week. You go out of your way or your other half clearly shows something is wrong. But this is not a mistake, it opens up the conversation between the two of you. Take this and be upfront about the mistake. Then at least you can solve it.

Virgo 24-8 to 9-22

The (online) conversations that have been planned this week are successful, but they can drastically drain you. Especially when you have to convince someone or explain something for the umpteenth time. Therefore, provide the necessary diversity. After a live chat, hang out for a while or change your mind. This can help you maintain your balance.

Libra 9-23 to 10-22

Mars makes you adventurous and daring, Libra. Sitting still or staying home is not an option, you are really too troubled for it. It’s a good week to be active. Think sports, biking, or walking. This is a perfect way to manage your excess energy. Show initiative when necessary.

Scorpio 10-23 to 11-22

You can be wild and intense this week, Scorpio. Especially when you instinctively touch something. Although your first reaction is understandable, it is out of place. In this case, start the conversation once you calm down a bit. Luckily, with Pluto by your side, you can get rid of it in no time.

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Sagittarius 11/23 to 12/22

Your health needs attention, Sagittarius. Maybe you are sick or just tired and lethargic. Whatever it is, ignoring it doesn’t make it better. Keep in mind what you need regularly. If this is sleep or rest, give in to it. If it’s a matter of relaxation, make time for it.

Steenbok 23-12 t / m 20-1

You’re in flux this week, Capricorn. Your work has big challenges for you, as you love to sink your teeth into and at home they are sometimes messy, but relaxing. Anyway, there’s a lot to laugh about. If you have plans, feel free to implement them. The chance of him succeeding is now high.

Waterman 21-1 t / m 18-2

Your way of communicating is leaving something desirable this week, Aquarius. Mercury is the planet Mercury, which can sometimes make it difficult for you to get out of your words or say something wrong unintentionally. Take the time to say what you really mean. This prevents irritation and annoying misunderstanding. This can be a problem, especially in your relationship.

Pisces 19-2 to 20-3

There’s a lot going on in your life this week, Pisces. There are developments at work and at home that are sometimes irregular and unpredictable. Fortunately, this also brings wonderful things and you definitely won’t be short of new ideas and insights. It can be very tiring, so watch yourself.

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