“Google Add Recycle Bin to Android 12”: This is how it works

We’ve known this since Windows 95, and now the well-known Recycle Bin also comes to Android. In the latest version, Android 12, we see that the functionality is working. What can you do with it exactly?

Recycle Bin in Android 12

Google will add a new feature to Android 12, like this Writes XDA. It is a function that we have known for some time from the computer, for example from Windows. Delete your files; Document, photo, or whatever, this isn’t immediately deleted from your computer, but it first ends up in the trash. With Android, it works differently, although some manufacturers have come up with a temporary solution in the Gallery app. Usually, files that you delete will disappear immediately.

With the arrival of Android 12, it appears that Google is adding new functionality to the operating system. Users are provided with the Recycle Bin. Previously deleted files appear here, without you losing them immediately. After thirty days, the files are still deleted automatically.

Applications must support Recycle Bin. The Files by Google, among others, appears to be receiving this support. The feature is currently hidden in the Developer Preview, and it is unclear if Google will recycle the final version of Android 12. The final version of Android 12 is expected around the fall.

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