Lawyers: “Navalny is in urgent need of medical care” – Washington urges Moscow for “independent” medical access | abroad

His lawyers said Russian opponent Alexei Navalny is extremely weak and poorly cared for in a hospital for inmates with tuberculosis. These demands are transferred to Moscow after their client’s visit. The United States urged Russia today to allow “independent” doctors to meet with opposition leader Navalny “immediately”. They are warning Moscow of the “consequences” if anything happens to Navalny during his detention.

The Kremlin opponent, who went on a hunger strike three weeks ago, has been in a prison wing of a hospital in the city of Vladimir, northeast of Moscow, since Sunday evening. His relatives have been saying since the end of the week that he could die at any moment.

“He is very weak, and he has difficulty sitting and talking,” Olga Mikhailova, one of his lawyers, told reporters. And she stressed that he is not receiving adequate medical care and demanded that he be transferred immediately to a “civil hospital” in Moscow to prevent his death.

Several hours ago, several doctors led by Anastasia Vasilieva, the 44-year-old opponent’s doctor, were sent to the hospital without meeting Navalny.

The United States insists on independent medical care

The United States calls on Navalny to see an “independent” doctor very soon. A spokesman for the US State Department said that Washington informed Moscow of its position “unequivocally”, “publicly but also through other channels.”

“Since they are responsible for his deteriorating health, we are asking them to give them immediate access to the needed freelance doctors,” he said.

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On Sunday, the White House also warned Russia that there would be consequences if something happened to Navalny.


Supporters of the opponent called for demonstrations throughout Russia. They say protesters will take to the streets in at least 106 cities. Shortly before the planned protest, Russian police were operating in several cities.

The opposition politician thanked himself for the Instagram statements of support he received from Russia and around the world.

Team Al-Ghad, made up of a 44-year-old opponent, has announced protests in more than 100 Russian cities as his health in detention has sharply deteriorated.

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