Leaked design processes do not show any degree

Apple just announced a new iPhone or new releases of the iPhone 14. Curious about what they’re offering? So read this article!

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CAD renderings of the iPhone 14 line leaked

We have already received a lot of information about the new iPhone 14 recently. We’re expecting the new flagship in fall 2022, but now we’re getting a better picture of what it looks like. 91 mobiles Claims to own exclusive offers. These leave, rather than the slit in iPhone 13See one modification.

The leaked designs are for cover developers, according to the source. They can easily put together a beautiful design with these 3D models. They have all dimensions in a row on their PC. Earlier there were rumors that The holes in the iPhone 14 Pro screen have become much larger

The big change in Apple’s new flagship

The biggest change is the disappearance of the notch of the selfie camera on the front of the iPhone 14. Instead, we see a hole-shaped and bead-shaped notch. above slit The iPhone 13 line also has a lot of empty space. Based on these performances, we expect the speaker to be in the same place as his predecessors.

As we still see a Lock key for the SIM card. There were rumors that the iPhone 14 was getting a major redesign, but it seems that Apple is more and more satisfied with the current modern design. We thought we knew before The iPhone 14 was going to get this outage

We’re expecting the new iPhone 14 this fall. Until then, we’re keeping track of all the trends, rumors, and shows. Want to follow this up too? Then register with us the news or download files Implementation

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