“Leaving Kag, Breakthrough in Formation”

By dropping her ministerial position, Sigrid Kaag confirmed that many questions about the formation had been raised once again. What then? Next weekend, Rutte (VVD), Hoekstra (CDA) and herself will head to Hilversum with Informateur Remkes to discuss formation there.

“I think it makes sense what Kag did,” Bert Bakker, a former MP for D66, tells Good Morning Holland. Afghanistan is not just a file and something really went wrong. Kaag has an important political responsibility in this matter.” Packer notes that Kaag now literally has more time available to form.” Perhaps because of her departure, there could now be a breakthrough in the formation. It is now less restrictive and therefore steps can be taken from it. In that sense, she can start over with shaping.”

The foreign ministers of other countries also resigned

Sigrid Kaag is not the only foreign minister to resign over Afghanistan. The UK Foreign Secretary was ‘degraded’ to the position of Minister of Justice and given the empty title of Deputy Prime Minister.

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